Safety and respect lacking across detention estate says HMIP

Yarl’s Wood “cause for great concern” and vulnerable detainees at risk


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Yarl’s Wood immigration detention centre remains “cause for great concern”, the UK’s largest detention centres lack safety and respect, and asylum seekers have been held in “unacceptable” conditions sleeping in dirty blankets on concrete floors, according to the annual report of Chief prisons inspector Peter Clarke, released last week.

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Prisons in the press – 18 September

Guards dump a body in a van, healthcare for sex offenders ‘inadequate’

the verne IMB report

The latest Immigration Removal Centre made a splash this week.

Prisons in the press brings you the best articles from the past week to keep you up-to-date on prison news.

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Five more facts on immigration detention centres in England & Wales from the Chief Inspector

Latest HMIP report reveals torture victims are kept locked up indefinitely

A family outside a US detention centre, similar to UK centres.  Source: Seattle Globalist, Flickr

A family outside the US’s Northwest Detention Centre, similar in appearance to the UK’s centres.
Source: Seattle Globalist, Flickr


British detention centres lock children and torture victims in prison-like conditions and denied access to crucial services according to Nick Hardwick, the Chief Inspector of Prisons.

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Children in prison in England & Wales – chief inspector reports

Young people suffer assault, restraint and solitary confinement 

HMIP child in prison

Source: HMIP


Children in prison in England & Wales are experiencing high levels of assault, restraint and solitary confinement according to the latest annual report from the Chief Inspector.

But education and living conditions are improving. Here are the main findings from the report.

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