Shaw Review on UK immigration detention: four more key findings

Report finds severely mentally ill are dumped in solitary confinement


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Last week the “Shaw Review” into the UK’s treatment of vulnerable people in immigration detention was released. At 350 pages, the report is one of the largest ever reviews into the UK immigration detention system. We continue our ongoing coverage of the report with four more key findings.

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Here’s what happened in UK immigration detention in 2015

An interactive timeline of the year’s key events 

It’s been a dramatic year for UK immigration detention with court battles, hunger strikes, deaths and much more.

Prison Watch UK has put together an interactive timeline of the key events. Click on the image below to see what happened in UK detention centres in 2015.

timeline pic.jpg 

What will the new UK immigration bill mean for the detention system?

Home Office appears reluctant to make changes, but review might help.


Pregnant women can be locked up indefinitely in UK immigration detention. Credit: Francesco, Flickr


The British government is doing its best to create a “hostile environment” for “illegal immigrants”. That is the stated aim of the new Immigration Bill, which politicians have been debating for the past few weeks.

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UK immigration detention: a potted history

How the UK immigration detention estate grew to over 4,000 spaces in less than half a century

Photo by James Gordon - Wikimedia Commons

Photo by James Gordon – Wikimedia Commons

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