Will this private US company run children’s prisons better than G4S?

MTCNovo’s US prison record under the spotlight

Source: theblackletter.com.au

Source: theblackletter.com.au


“horror as should be unrealised anywhere in the civilised world”.  This is how one US judge described an MTCNovo run prison. MTCNovo won a contract to run Rainsbrook STC in September 2015.

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Reducing prison population only way to reduce ‘shameful’ death rates, urge campaigners

Same mistakes being made across policing and prison system, Inquest director says

deborah coles


Mentally ill people are four times more likely to die after being subjected to police force, the police watchdog found this week.

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How many more deaths will it take

The treatment of female prisoners has seen some improvements, but women are still dying

woman handcuff

Shackling women rarely works, writes Eric Allison. Photograph: Steven Depolo

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Video highlights: justice matters for women in and out of prison

Catch up on the highlights on conference on social injustice and criminal justice

Betty Makoni, CEO Girl Child Network Worldwide

Hear the story of Betty Makoni, CEO Girl Child Network Worldwide, that mvoed the room to tears. Source: Global X

How to combat domestic violence and the number of women in prison. No small task but this was the recurring theme of the conference yesterday Justice Matters for Women, hosted by Women in prison and the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies.

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